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The Store

Our first shop was chosen to be in the main square of what is arguably one of the most endearing villages in Crete — Archanes.
It can trace its origins back to Minoan times and it is ideally situated in the heartland of Heraklion’s wine and olive oil region.

A large number of our grocery products are from this special area of Crete. In addition, local artisanal farmers, many of them organic, will be highlighted and their products used in the restaurant.
We take pride in carefully selecting the best, promoting small companies and cottage industries and offering you interesting ways to use both the traditional and the excitingly new products.

Visitors to Crete can taste, buy and even have products shipped home to them. Join us for an aromatic mountain tea & dessert, an indulgent breakfast or discover new, eclectic taste combinations in our sandwiches, salads and meze (Cretan tapas) anytime of the day, paired with one of our sublime Cretan wines.